Code that could be and code that could be beauty

Some code never see the light they deserved in order to shine. Some code could be beautiful and comes out lazily written. Here are two ideas of platforms that could give more attention to these two very different conclusions. GitVaporware GitHub, but instead it’s a cemetery repository for good code that never ended up being […]

Making decisions without all the information

I’ve had been mulling over the last couple months as to why I keep hearing that leaders do not want over 80% of the information before making decisions. On an analytical perspective, it would make sense to want to see the whole picture before making long-lasting decisions. Previous suggestions that I read in Starting with […]

Cybersecurity Experts Uncover Dormant Botnet of 350,000 Twitter Accounts

The business of selling followers seems shallower than ever before.   Dating profile of their twitter bot: – Born in summer of 2013 – 350,000 siblings. Tends to agree with family. – Educated. Will randomly quotes literature. – Star wars fan – Might follow you on twitter but will never mention you. – Rural lifestyle. […]