Code that could be and code that could be beauty

Some code never see the light they deserved in order to shine. Some code could be beautiful and comes out lazily written. Here are two ideas of platforms that could give more attention to these two very different conclusions.


GitHub, but instead it’s a cemetery repository for good code that never ended up being used. Developers and designers can leave condolences and eulogies. Help with the grievance process of wasting those precious hours of work.


GitHub, but instead it’s entirely anonymous and code is up to roasting. Where ugly code is ripped apart and optimized. Tears will flow. Phoenix will rise. Developers will be roasted.


Dirty pages

It’s OK to have chip grease in books. Also fine are rain marks, writing scribbles, crooked highlight and folds. As long as you eventually read the book, that’s what matters most. Just make sure it’s yours.