Over a decade of music production as a hobby

Music allows me to capture a frame, a piece of time. What in mind, where I was going and what I believed in. I don’t necessarily agree with my songs all the time, but I find them to be markers of myself in time. My repository of thousands of forgotten songs is a true source of nostalgia. Sometimes I’ll find one of my tracks giving me a wink to something so subtle that only I will notice… After all, I had made it.

I push myself to get away from my own favourites, these few gems I am really proud which mystify me. I don’t know how I pulled in so much focus or disassociation to get away from what I would try to conceive. Some songs sound like something I would never think of.

As much as I try to keep a clean virtual environment, my desktop continues to be completely filled with track versions, cut samples, scores that will never be seen again into the chaos and archives.






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