Day-to-day techniques to publish your content faster

This is a list of techniques I’ve elaborated over the years for overseeing content. They’ve helped me become faster and more efficient at content management.

I’ll continue updating the list as I think of tips and tricks.

Bookmarks and organize your logins

Logging in to admin pages regularly? Organize your logins by sites directly to the admin login url. If you work in a bilingual setting, you’ll want to have both links bookmarked.

Right-click your bookmarks and select: Open all bookmarks. Works like a charm and you have your tabs ready for crushing content.

Use a password manager

Please don’t make the argument that your browser logins are sufficient (it’s not). You need to protect your valuable content with proper security.

Get a password manager if you don’t already have one already. I recommend doing your research thoroughly to see which tool works best for both your personal/professional life-style. My favourite so far has been 1Password. It allows for multi-device, multi-platform logins.

If you mix personal and professional passwords with your password manager, label your logins. I personally prefer prefixes for separating which accounts I’m dabbling with.


  • IH – Facebook page business manager
  • MGK – Facebook
  • Ottawa in Colour – Facebook

Say good-bye to typing your passwords and hello to single-click logins! Seconds of your life * #of logins per day = time saved!






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