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Teenager’s UX: Designing for Teens

Teens are wired. Technology is so integrated with teenagers’ lives that creating useful and usable websites and apps for them is more critical than ever. To succeed in a world where the next best thing is a click away and text message interruptions are the rule, not the exception, website and app creators must clearly understand what teens want and how to keep them on a site.

Interaction cost: Definition

Ideally, we’d like users to go to a site and find the answer they’re looking for right there, in front of their eyes. That would mean zero interaction cost and is the holy grail of usability as a field. Unfortunately, zero interaction cost is rarely attainable, since most sites and apps offer many things that users may want to do.

“Marketing and branding usually have the job of increasing the user motivation and expected benefits for engaging with a particular site or brand; usability deals with lowering the interaction cost.  “

Web Page Footers 101: Design Patterns and When to Use Each

As UX professionals, we tend to dedicate our time and energy to everything above the fold. That’s because global navigation, search, and high-priority content are positioned above the fold and users tend to spend a disproportionate amount of their time at the top of any given page.

People use #Footers. Think of them as safety nets for your users. 
– A second chance to be convinced
– A last resort for hard-to-find content
– Users intentionally scroll

Sliders suck and should be banned from your website * Yoast

Michiel Heijmans Two years ago, we wrote about why we really don’t like sliders. We still don’t like sliders. If your theme forces you to include a slider (also named carousels) on your homepage, please realize that it’s making you use a feature that has no value for SEO.