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  • Is this my interface or yours? #TLDR

    Interface ownership correctness – TLDR: Use “My” when you are the creator or someone is prompted for an action. Use “Your” when you do not own the content or receive instructions. Cloud networks and applications have changed the single-user single device (PC) experience and thus the vocabulary for identifying interface. #semantics Read @jsaito‘s article at: […]

  • Linked-in – How to add bullets to your profile for a clean look

    I just formatted/hard-coded bullet spaces in my linked-in profile. So clean! To copy me, simply copy-paste the bullets up to the start of your text in your profile. Insert spaces (enter) before the next lines and copy-paste my spaces without bullets. I’d suggest having a second window opened in non-edit mode of your profile to […]

  • Almost 10 years of using Facebook. Cleaning up my posts made me realize…

    It’s soon the year 2016 and coming close to my 10th year anniversary using Facebook. I decided it’s finally time to clean up my posts. I knew there was silly content posted for the last 9 years, and silly content I did find (and deleted). It also hit me to what extent there are now functionalities […]

  • How to job hunt in the digital age

    Work in progress – This is an evolving document with elements of what I find to be the most useful ways to gain employment. I’ve been helping people out to find career opportunities since 2010. Although a lot of places will address best-practices for application documents, I believe there is seldom information on how to integrate this to […]

  • My experience applying Inbox Zero for emails

    Using Inbox Zero for work A year and half ago I attended a Hub Ottawa master class with Pascal Vernier on how to improve my impact per hour. Most of the concepts presented I had already been aware of and applying in regards to project management. The optimization concept that stuck however was “Inbox Zero“: […]

  • Hello world!

      I finally have a blog!