My work

Ottawa in Colour

Ottawa in Colour is 32 pages of colourable art prints featuring 22 local artists with their answers to the question “What do you love about Ottawa?“. We commissioned artists with a wide spectrum of styles – animators, illustrators, urban sketchers and more, so each piece reflects the artist’s unique style and vision.

As co-founder, I handle everything related to business, marketing and content.

  • Launched a small publishing company
  • Over 1000 Ottawa in Colour copies sold
  • Over 2000 copies in hand
  • The book is available online and peaked at over 20 stores in Ottawa

Printed to digital conversion design (HTML/CSS)

Client: Employer – uOttawa, Registrar
Relation: In-house. Web Content and Production Supervisor
Work: Converting printed/digital collateral into accessible and responsive web design.

I was asked to create a table online to communicate the information from our university Finance your studies brochure, updated annually. I wanted to re-create the same visual identity while making the tables accessible and the content node responsive. Using CSS styling, I was able to do so and make it responsive. I’m particularly happy with having created the plus and equal symbols via pure CSS (instead of an image icon).

A visual example of the digital version of the Finance your studies brochure for the university (2018).

Website redesign – Rethinking a university convocation website (Content strategy)

Client: Employer – uOttawa, Registrar
Relation: In-house. Web Content and Production Supervisor
Work: Large events website as a service redesign.

Full details can be found in my post: Redesigning-a-university-convocation-website

I finally redesigned the uOttawa convocation website. After three years of migrating other sites, I finally got to slay the FAQ sections, eliminate redundancies and iron out user journeys. After a content audit, I made the content modular to enable batch updates between operations cycles. Our team knew it was time to have a fresh start for the website.

After presenting the pages mockups to the clients and stakeholder, we ended up with a site that had a clear segmentation of with a one-stop page for each convocation journey. Clients were happy and I was able to remove a lot of friction for graduates and their celebratory event.

A screenshot of the Undergraduate student attending Convocation page

Screenshot of the Convocation ceremonies page with a tab opened.

Online certificate program tracking platform – (System design)

Login page (password protected): Telfer Career Centre – In-house electronic Career Development Program tracking system

Client: University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management Career Centre Role: Marketing and Communications Coordinator Contribution: Conception, mock-up, business case, requirement analysis and design leading to development

About the project: I created an online system to increase the participation and completion rates  of the career development program for undergraduate students while making it easier for staff to track student progress.

Context: I initiated and led this project in order to help my team transition our core product, the Career Development Program, to an integrated digital solution. I identified a need to modernize our processes while increasing user adoption of our services. Before the system’s implementation, progress tracking relied on students bringing a passport-style paper booklet to activities and getting it stamped after participating. Consequently, some students lost their booklets and forgot to have it stamped.

Outcome: The web tool now enables 4000 University of Ottawa Telfer School of Management BCom students to track their progress online. Upon completion of required activities, students receive an invitation to meet with the Career Centre in order to receive their Career Development Certificate.

Printing cost reduction ( $5 per booklet)

  • Increase in conversion and success rate
  • New users were now able to register autonomously
  • Automated monitoring and maintenance of users
  • Intuitive platform for students and moderators
  • Modular system, which is essential since activities evolve on an on going basis

To complete this project, I built a business case, chose the platform environment, determined system security considerations, negotiated access to a developer, created the specifications and finally obtained approval for implementation.