My work

I’m a nimble and deep generalist that’s not scared to get creative, strategic or tactical. I’m very good at finding elegant solutions that consider design, business and technology (and accessibility). I am fluent in French and in English.

I understand the value of insight over data, how to make content scale, that efforts affect ROI, that users are humans, and how to pave the path from ideas to fruition. I have a particularly strong attention to detail, can convey vision, and adapt quickly.

Here are some excerpts of my work.

Product design (WCMS)

Product design, enterprise content design strategy, heuristics, design system, etc. Coming soon. Demo available upon request.

An excerpt of our design system elements.

Building a Design system

A light design system built for my graduate class using Figma.

Cover image of Ottawa in Colour - colouring book

Ottawa in Colour

Product design, eCommerce, digital marketing, events and community engagement.

Student recruitment content strategy and design

Website design, user testing, marketing, conversion, content strategy, and analytics.

Digital ads design

A time-lapse of my graphic design works of me using Adobe InDesign.

Rethinking a university convocation website

Re-design of a website for students convocation.

Creative writing

In early January 2019, I got myself into the idea of doing something that scares me. 


A recording of my YouTube close-captioning works.

Career Development Certificate Portal

Certificate platform design

I designed a program progress tracker for workshops.

Information design for directories

Taxonomy, Drupal, API, and nodes.

Tshirt design preview

T-shirt design

I designed a t-shirt for myself and friends, and ended up selling a few more online.

HTML and CSS design preview

Web design HTML/CSS

A sample of responsive CSS I designed to look like a print brochure.