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I’m a nimble and deep generalist who dives into the creative, strategic, or tactical. I’m very good at finding elegant solutions that consider design, business, and technology, and accessibility.

Maxime Gauthier-Kwan

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Intersecting design, business, and technology.
  • 12 years of work experience
  • Fluent in French (CAD) and in English (US/UK)
  • Masters in Digital transformation and innovation with a concentration in UX design
  • Agile scrum certified: Leadership (PAL), Product-owner (PSPO)
  • Bachelor of commerce with honours in marketing
  • Most recent course: nnGroup – UX Leader

I have a particularly strong attention to detail, can convey vision, and adapt quickly. I’m comfortable using and adapting terminology depending on stakeholders’ disciplines.

In my role guiding design, I define the big-picture goals, connect our work to success metrics, explain concepts clearly, and handle critiques productively to keep projects moving forward.

  • Writing/UX writing
  • Strategy
  • Information design and architecture
  • User experience
  • Visual design
  • Content management systems
  • Renewal
  • Accessibility helps everyone
  • Insights over data
  • Efforts and vision designed to scale
  • Users are humans
  • Clean architecture accelerates flow
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User experience, content design, and product

A comprehensive overview of how I work.

Parks Canada reservations user onboarding (locked)

UX writing and content design (2023)

Creating clear and concise copy for one of the most popular user top tasks for Parks Canada.

A screenshot of Parks Canada web page titled How to make reservations.

Accessible trails and experiences at Parks Canada

Topics: UX research, content and UX design, #a11y (2023). Case study under construction.


  • Objective: create an accessibility-friendly trail standard that anyone could use to evaluate if they could and would want to complete a part of the trail
  • Led the collaboration with trails, and accessibility team to define initial template
  • Included two content contributors to see if content would work
  • Refined template
  • Soft-launched a National Park location trail page with accessibility information, and National Park visit planning accessibility page
  • Designed and outsourced user accessibility testing focused on users with diverse accessibility needs
  • Conducted research and presented recommendations
  • Currently in design-mode, before deploying templates for thousands of trails, hundreds of locations, and national-level visit planning
A screenshot showing examples of obstacles on an accessible trail web page.

User experience research (UXR) and design (UXD) framework

Topics: UXR (2023-2024). Case study under construction.


  • Designed user experience testing research, outsourcing testing, and analyzing 34 recordings of participants.
  • Created two reports with organized over a hundred recommendations
  • Presented findings to teams
  • Influenced research insight into design such as optimization for conversion, navigation, user interface, tools, and content
  • Created a UXR to UXD framework to keep track of issues
  • Demo available upon request
A cover the presentation of a Parks Canada unmoderated usability testing report Maxime completed.

Implementing web analytics at Parks Canada

Topics: Web analytics. Case study under construction.


  • Challenge: The older analytics platform was about to be decommissioned
  • As the lead:
    • Researched, designed configuration, and implemented Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
    • Created training material and documentation, and trained over 50 colleagues to improve organizational self-serve analytics capacity at the agency
    • Centralized 209 dashboards into one more powerful no-code dashboard (Google Looker) for all of our domains, reducing maintenance
  • Demo available upon request
A screenshot of a web analytics dashboard made for Parks Canada.

Building the uOttawa website and CMS

Topics: Design system, IA, micro-copy, Drupal, and heuristics (2021)

Content, product, and UX design for the University of Ottawa.

An excerpt of a design system component.

Ottawa in Colour

Topics: Entrepreneurship, product design, eCommerce, digital marketing, events, and community engagement.

Creating community-sourced products and experiences. Over 3000 copies in hands, including donations.

The cover of the Ottawa in Colour - colouring book.

Long-form writing

I occasionally write for fun and dive deep into details.

Guide to trail running in the Canadian Rockies (Alberta)

Topics: Non-technical writing (2021)

A comprehensive guide for those curious about the Rockies and new to mountain running.

Maxime running down a trail in a large valley in the Canadian Rockies, on Prairie Mountain, Alberta.

My first marathon experience

Topics: Creative writing (2019)

In early January 2019, I got myself into the idea of doing something that scares me.

Maxime amongst runners participating in the Ottawa Marathon 2019

More examples

Older or more specific examples for additional breadth and depth of my work.