Older work portfolio

Content design and IA

Even more content strategy and information architecture.

Information design for directories

2020 – Taxonomy, Drupal, views/filters, and nodes.

A preview of a web directory with arrows showing the links between taxonomies and filters tags.

Student recruitment content strategy and design

2020 Website design, user testing, marketing, conversion, content strategy, and analytics.

Rethinking a university convocation website

Re-design of a website for students convocation.

2017 – Content strategy, IA, and service design.

Tiny examples

Small examples of technical work.

Adapting printed content to web design (HTML/CSS)

Mimicking a printed brochure into accessible and responsive web content.

2017 – CSS, HTML, and styling

Building a mini-Design system with Figma

Created a fictive atomic design system for an improved workflow and styles using Figma.

2020 – Design system, service redesign, and Figma

Illustrating a fan art tshirt

I designed a t-shirt for myself and friends, and ended up selling a few more online.

Adobe Illustrator

Digitizing a certificate program

I designed a program progress tracker for workshops.

2014 – Product design, transformation, and Joomela.


Recordings of my workflows.

Digitizing printed ads

A time-lapse of my graphic design works using Adobe InDesign for digital advertising.

Ads, graphic design, and Adobe inDesign

Adding Youtube closed-captioning

A recording of my YouTube close-captioning works.

Accessibility, captioning, and editing.

Writing and design preferences:

  • Clear
  • Contextual
  • Effective
  • Empathetic
  • Flexible
  • Logical
  • Scalable
  • Usable