Ottawa in Colour


Role: Co-Founder, CEO
Clients: Consumers, Ottawa tourism department, wholesales, and NGOs
Work: Marketing, sales, operations, website content, social media, events, design support

Ottawa in Colour is 32 pages of colourable art prints featuring 22 local artists with their answers to the question “What do you love about Ottawa?“. We commissioned artists with a wide spectrum of styles – animators, illustrators, urban sketchers and more, so each piece reflects the artist’s unique style and vision.

As co-founder, I was the lead for business, marketing and content.

artinjest inking the page for the Ottawa Colouring Book Project!


  • We wanted to share a piece of Ottawa that people could enjoy
  • No experience in publishing industry


  • Launched a small publishing company
  • Over 1500 Ottawa in Colour copies sold
  • Features in the multiple news outlets (printed, radio, tv)
  • Over 3000 copies in hands, including donations
  • The book is available online, and peaked at over 20 stores in Ottawa
  • Over a dozen events attended

Learn about my experience at the start with Ottawa in Colour – Experimenting with Facebook paid campaigns.