Phasmophobia cheat sheets

Update 2023-12-07: Check out a way more comprehensive and recent cheatsheet made by someone else:

My friend David shared a cheat sheet for playing Phasmophobia. To really get a spooky mood, I didn’t want a white background taking away from the horror on my second monitor! Ideally all lights would be turned off and I could focus on running away from my friends or possessed souls.

I decided to reformat the cheat sheet into two formats to get you finding your ghosts without distractions!

Widescreen (1920 by 1080) with a dark background with a clear list of commands: Phasmophobia-cheat sheet- 1920×1080-1.pdf

Printable page (8.5 x 11 inches): Phasmophobia-cheatsheet-printable.pdf



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