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  • Phasmophobia cheat sheets

    Phasmophobia cheat sheets

    My friend David shared a cheat sheet for playing Phasmophobia. To really get a spooky mood, I didn’t want a white background taking away from the horror on my second monitor! Ideally all lights would be turned off and I could focus on running away from my friends or possessed souls. I decided to reformat […]

  • How I’m still using my 12 year old Focusrite Saffire audio card (firewire) with Windows 10

    Summary: Each time there’s a Windows 10 update my 12 year old Saffire risks becoming obsolete. The problem? My card uses FireWire; Windows 10 doesn’t support FireWire (IEEE 1394). Here is what has been working for me so far. With the latest update, I thought my card was a goner. I figured out the fix […]

  • My first miniature paint project

    My first miniature paint project

    One night while shopping for board game expansions for a board game (Scythe), I noticed within a list an incredibly expensive component: painted miniatures for the game. At about $200 CAD, the hand-painted miniatures were three times more expensive than the game itself (which includes unpainted miniatures). Balking at the price, but drawn in with […]