Quotes I enjoy

“Each of us dichotomizes the Kosmos in a different place.” — William James, The Principles of Psychology, Great Books of the Western World, ed. Robert Maynard Hutchins, vol. 53 (1890; Chicago: Encyclopaedia Britannica, 1952), 187 People choose their own reference place as to determine what is their perception, and constructs. “The business of the modern… Continue reading Quotes I enjoy

Phasmophobia cheat sheets

My friend David shared a cheat sheet for playing Phasmophobia. To really get a spooky mood, I didn’t want a white background taking away from the horror on my second monitor! Ideally all lights would be turned off and I could focus on running away from my friends or possessed souls. I decided to reformat… Continue reading Phasmophobia cheat sheets

How I’m still using my 12 year old Focusrite Saffire audio card (firewire) with Windows 10

Focusrite Saffire announcement 2005

Summary/TLDR: I stopped using my Firewire card and switched to a new interface with a USB-C connection. Firewire (support) is now officially dead with Windows 10 20H2. If you are able to downgrade to 1909, workarounds may be possible. See comments. Some have found success for a similar model (Saffire Pro40) using a PCIe firewire… Continue reading How I’m still using my 12 year old Focusrite Saffire audio card (firewire) with Windows 10

My first miniature paint project

One night while shopping for board game expansions for a board game (Scythe), I noticed within a list an incredibly expensive component: painted miniatures for the game. At about $200 CAD, the hand-painted miniatures were three times more expensive than the game itself (which includes unpainted miniatures). Balking at the price, but drawn in with… Continue reading My first miniature paint project

My first marathon experience

A story of data, discovery, progress and fear. “So you signed up for your first marathon? Is it boring?” I had a recurring question about entertainment throughout my journey on a regular basis. How could I run such long distances and not find it boring? To me training wasn’t boring. After reflecting on the question… Continue reading My first marathon experience

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Foresight predictions

Vaccine tourism will be incorporated in tourism strategy (offering free immunization on arrival for vacation to a foreign country). 3 March 2021 Music videos or movies will be in virtual reality. (22 July 2019)

DAW music software authorization affecting creative flow

With every virtual instrument and effects going the authorization-software route, the creative process is burdened by software updates, patches and oh-surprise download updates… Internet connection required. 😟 Now before considering “oh a cool plugin”, do I really want to jump through all the hoops to have that extra piece of code running in the background. There’s… Continue reading DAW music software authorization affecting creative flow

Day-to-day techniques to publish your content faster

This is a list of techniques I’ve elaborated over the years for overseeing content. They’ve helped me become faster and more efficient at content management. I’ll continue updating the list as I think of tips and tricks. Bookmarks and organize your logins Logging in to admin pages regularly? Organize your logins by sites directly to… Continue reading Day-to-day techniques to publish your content faster

The Dangers of Overpersonalization

In parallel to marketing segmentation, overly personalized #content, without the effort of contextual and timely relevance, creates mediocre experiences. New term learned: content fatigue.