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  • Quotes I enjoy

    “scholars are implicated in an intellectual quest that is not far from paranoia—a word that is not meant as a pejorative” — Tung-Hui Hu, A Prehistory of the Cloud (p.35) Not accepting myths and words as truth, without methodological empirical and reproduceable evidence. “Each of us dichotomizes the Kosmos in a different place.” — William […]

  • How I’m still using my 12 year old Focusrite Saffire audio card (firewire) with Windows 10

    Summary: Each time there’s a Windows 10 update my 12 year old Saffire risks becoming obsolete. The problem? My card uses FireWire; Windows 10 doesn’t support FireWire (IEEE 1394). Here is what has been working for me so far. With the latest update, I thought my card was a goner. I figured out the fix […]

  • Foresight predictions

    Vaccine tourism will be incorporated in tourism strategy (offering free immunization on arrival for vacation to a foreign country). 3 March 2021 Music videos or movies will be in virtual reality. (22 July 2019)

  • DAW music software authorization affecting creative flow

    With every virtual instrument and effects going the authorization-software route, the creative process is burdened by software updates, patches and oh-surprise download updates… Internet connection required. 😟 Now before considering “oh a cool plugin”, do I really want to jump through all the hoops to have that extra piece of code running in the background. There’s […]

  • Day-to-day techniques to publish your content faster

    This is a list of techniques I’ve elaborated over the years for overseeing content. They’ve helped me become faster and more efficient at content management. I’ll continue updating the list as I think of tips and tricks. Bookmarks and organize your logins Logging in to admin pages regularly? Organize your logins by sites directly to […]

  • The Dangers of Overpersonalization

    In parallel to marketing segmentation, overly personalized #content, without the effort of contextual and timely relevance, creates mediocre experiences. New term learned: content fatigue.

  • My favourite android games

    I’ve always enjoyed playing games. Ever since I got my first smartphone, I started pouring over the app markets and hunting for the games that would fit specific experiences. Eventually scrolling down to over 100 games in specific categories wasn’t enough and began to participate in the Reddit Android Gaming community. A mix of developers […]

  • Resilient design starts with difficult data.

    “Then, the video arrives and the default poster image for the video also includes the company logo. Now your beautiful home page layout looks like a logo salad. […] Jump on your designs! Throw them against the wall! Fill them with garbage and show how well they hold up.” Article:

  • Redesigning a university convocation website

    Redesigning a university convocation website

    I finally redesigned the uOttawa convocation website. After three years of migrating other sites, I finally got to slay the FAQ sections, eliminate redundancies and iron out user journeys. After a content audit, I made the content modular to enable batch updates between operations cycles. Our team knew it was time to have a fresh […]

  • Over a decade of music production as a hobby

    Music allows me to capture a frame, a piece of time. What in mind, where I was going and what I believed in. I don’t necessarily agree with my songs all the time, but I find them to be markers of myself in time. My repository of thousands of forgotten songs is a true source […]