DAW music software authorization affecting creative flow

With every virtual instrument and effects going the authorization-software route, the creative process is burdened by software updates, patches and oh-surprise download updates… Internet connection required. 😟 Now before considering “oh a cool plugin”, do I really want to jump through all the hoops to have that extra piece of code running in the background. There’s… Continue reading DAW music software authorization affecting creative flow

Darkside of UX – TLDR

The Dark Side of UX – Sometimes, designers are purposely hindering the user experience in search of influencing short-term immediate bottom-line conversion. This friction erodes brand trust and the very same value add that good UX design is thriving to bring to the organization. An interesting video explaining adoption. Source:¬†https://www.interaction-design.org/literature/article/the-dark-side-of-ux Author/Copyright holder: Eshan Shah Jahan.… Continue reading Darkside of UX – TLDR

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