My favourite android games

I’ve always enjoyed playing games. Ever since I got my first smartphone, I started pouring over the app markets and hunting for the games that would fit specific experiences. Eventually scrolling down to over 100 games in specific categories wasn’t enough and began to participate in the Reddit Android Gaming community. A mix of developers and avid game hunters.

Quests and RPG

Exiled Kingdoms

Animal Super Squad

Side scrollers and hectic madness

10000000 + You must build a boat

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Minion Rush


Pixel Dungeon

Boardgames and strategy


Neuroshima Hex

The Battle of Polytopia

Hive with AI


Tower defense

Bloons TD 5, Bloons TD 6 and Bloons Monkey City

Trench Assault


World of Goo

Candy Crush Saga


The Room (series by Fireproof Games)

Trainyard Express

Really Bad Chess



Grinding min-max games | Town builders

The Kitten Games: The only graphics you get is the loading screen. The game has cheeky feline humour and has been the most rewarding optimization game I’ve had my hands on.

Kairosoft (series)

A Silent Wood

Survive Wilderness

Assembly Line

Egg, Inc.

My Colony

Collaborative or competitive

BADLAND Cross-platform

Star Realms



Function experimental game

Doodle Jump: One of the pioneer for steering with your phone the direction of your jump. Simple game to see how far you can jump.

Fruit Ninja

Smash Hit

Smashing stuff

Various Guys or maybe Epic Battle Simulator

Giant boulder of death


Little Inferno

Experiential adventures


Monument Valley (1 and 2)

This War of Mine

Lumino City

Mini Metro

Red and Yellow

Heads Off

Plague Inc.

Motorsport Manage 2 and 3

There You Go

Fluffy Fall: Fly faaa?


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